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Automotive Cybersecurity

Vehicle. Fleet. Data Center.


Fraud. Identity Theft. Violations.

Vehicle & Fleet Insights

Visibility. Behavioral Profiles. Analytics.

Upstream Security is the first comprehensive automotive cybersecurity solution in the industry designed specifically for protecting vehicle fleets.
Upstream establishes a secure boundary in the demarcation point between the operational network and the IT network, ensuring protection of the communication data between the vehicles and command and control servers. Upstream leverages deep protocol understanding of the communications between data centers and fleets in order to detect, interpret and alert in real-time of any threats to the fleet.

Dashboard - Automotive Fleet Security Health at a Glance

A real-time dashboard provides an overview of overall fleet security health with clear graphics and alerts on cyber threats, policy violations and additional infrastructure indicators

Alerts: What is Happening and Where?

Up to the minute alerts of threats and violations, providing precise information on what’s happening and where.

Investigative Workbench

Comprehensive incident reports for understanding the details, current status and context of the vehicles in play. Drill-down into the sequence of events before and after the incidents in order to identify root causes and resolutions.

Customized Policy Violations & Actions

The system can be tailored to define what constitutes a violation of company policy and which actions and workflows need to be initiated.

The Challenge in Securing Connected Cars

Connected vehicles generate data from many different vehicle sensors, resulting in enormous piles of information. Buried within this information are valuable performance indicators, such as driver and vehicle behavior, vehicle utilization, maintenance, driving routes and much more.

Fleet stakeholders could gain greatly from uncovering these valuable insights into fleet health, discover meaningful connections, trends and patterns that could improve driver experience as well as vehicle and fleet quality and reliability. Leveraging this data that is already being collected and stored, could serve to build a stronger competitive advantage and create new revenue channels.

Upstream Protect - Purpose Built Automotive Fleet Cybersecurity Solution

Protecting the Vehicles on the Road Today

Upstream is the first cloud-based solution for securing connected and autonomous vehicle fleets for both OEMs and aftermarket fleets. Upstream’s Automotive Cybersecurity solution leverages big data analytics and machine learning to protect fleets from cyber-attacks and policy violations, such as fraud and misuse, and provides insights on vehicle and driver behavior.

Upstream unlocks insights from the troves of data already collected by vehicle fleets such as driver and vehicle behavior, vehicle utilization, maintenance, driving routes and more. The result is end to end visibility of fleet security and policy health which ultimately help assure and improve fleet and business performance.

Tailor Made Cybersecurity, Fraud Prevention and Analytics for a Wide Range of Connected Fleet Verticals