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From Selling Cars to Selling Services- OEMs' Challenges in Securing Complex Data Environments

[Blog | Oct 18, 2018] The rise of the connected car is changing car companies, opening opportunities for OEMs to move into new service models altogether. But connectivity also brings about new cyber ...

Defense in Depth for the Connected Car

[Blog | June 10, 2018]
Cybersecurity at its best is a multi-layered solution. It must be, now that everything is connected, and cyber-attacks target not only endpoint devices (cars), but backend servers ...

Emerging Data Privacy Regulation Brings OEMs and Consumers Closer Together Than Ever Before

[Blog | May 23, 2018] This article discusses OEMs' significant role in protecting consumers' data privacy, and why the emerging robust regulation is actually good news for car makers around the world.

Why AI and ML Offer the Best Protection Against Cyber Attacks on Connected Cars

[Blog | May 16, 2018] This article discusses how and why AI and ML technologies are needed to detect cyber threats on connected cars

Mobile Apps Pose Major Threat to OEMs and Smart Mobility Services

[Blog | May 9, 2018] This article discusses the main risks posed by mobile apps to OEMs and smart mobility services, explains the primary difficulty in protecting the mobile car app’s architecture, ...

Going Beyond IT Cybersecurity Technologies to Protect the Connected Fleet

[Blog | April 3, 2018]
How can IT cybersecurity practices and technologies be adapted to the automotive world to protect connected cars?

Cutting the Lifeline to the Fleet. Not on Upstream's Watch.

[Blog | March 22, 2018]
If hackers gain access to the telematics’ private network they could inject remote commands to the fleet's vehicles and cut their lifeline communication.

Ten Hacks in Ten Weeks- is 2018 the Year of the Automotive Cyber Threat?

[Blog | March 9, 2018]
The first 10 weeks of 2018 have already produced a wide and sophisticated range of automotive hacks for some of the world's leading brands. Here’s a look at ...

Infographic: Top Real-World Threats Facing Connected Cars and Fleets

[Infographic Blog | March 1, 2018]
Here is a snapshot of the top real-world cyber threats challenging connected car ecosystem players.

The car industry: A disruptive journey to a new business model

[Blog | Feb 22, 2018]
The automotive industry is accelerating at speed towards a technology-centric future. However, one issue dominates the connected car industry and must be addressed: cybersecurity.

No Longer on Cloud Nine: Top Real-World Threats Facing Connected Cars and Fleets

[Blog | Feb 15, 2018]
Here is a snapshot of the top real-world cyber security threats highlighting the diversity of attack vectors already challenging connected car ecosystem players.

Securing the weakest link in connected cars: Telematics servers

[Blog | Nov 27, 2017]
While data centers already have many security protections, none are equipped to deal with the unique challenge posed by the automotive world. In this post, we will ...

Huge Risk - Fraud in the smart mobility space

[Blog | Nov 9, 2017]
Much has been said about the threat cyber attacks pose to connected cars, however, there are other significant risks for companies using such vehicles

Artificial intelligence and automotive fleet security go hand-in-hand

[Blog | Oct 31, 2017]
How machine learning is an effective tool for fleet security and deep insights