Cybersecurity Built for the Connected Car Age

Upstream was founded by Yoav Levy (CEO) and Yonatan Appel (CTO), two seasoned security professionals with over 20 years of professional experience. They understood that the automotive market is undergoing a massive disruption, potentially greater than the one experienced by the  mobile phone industry and that this disruption will require radically different security solutions in order to reach its potential - automotive cybersecurity solutions purpose-built for the automotive industry and its unique challenges.


Vehicle fleets are becoming the new enterprise - cars, drivers and data center command and control servers are taking the roles of employees, desktops and cloud infrastructure. This new enterprise requires a new breed of solutions, one that is purpose built for the unique challenges of the automotive industry and to the various types of fleets. In a similar fashion to the cybersecurity transformation in traditional IT, Upstream's solution turbo charges the mountains of data collected by vehicle fleets to establish a new generation of security solutions, one that is designed for the age of "fleets everywhere" - the first Fleet-wide Automotive Cybersecurity platform.


Upstream is establishing the evolutionary leap required to protect next generation connected vehicles and fleets from cyber threats and fraud attacks. 
We are a team of cybersecurity and data professionals with a clear focus on our customers' success - protecting the people and vehicles that make up their fleets during this period of unprecedented growth. 



Yoav Levy

Co-founder, CEO

Yoav is leading Upstream's strategic direction, culture and business execution, over 17 years of experience with multi-national high-tech companies and start-ups. He brings rich leadership experience in management, marketing and business development of IT and security products spanning over a dozen years of experience in category leading vendors Check Point, Juniper Networks and Broadcom. Yoav is an avid kite boarder and surfer.

Yonatan Appel

Co-founder, CTO

Yonatan is leading Upstream's product development, bringing 20 years of technology development and product management experience in industry-leading multinational companies. He brings deep experience in cyber security innovation in world leading application security companies such as Check Point and Imperva, as well as experience in developing enterprise grade cloud based analytics technologies in Microsoft. He also served in an elite technological unit in the IDF Intelligence Corps. Yonatan holds a BA in Computer Science from the Open University of Israel (cum laude), and an LL.B from Tel Aviv University.

Board of Directors

Izhar Armony

Izhar has extensive experience in the technology industry, through both company operations and venture capital investment. Since 1997, he has been a partner at Charles River Ventures investment firm. Earlier, he served as vice president of marketing and business development of Onyx Interactive, an interactive training company based in Tel Aviv. Izhar served as an officer in the IDF. He received an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business and an M.A. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Tel Aviv in Israel.

Arik Klienstein

Glilot Capital Partners Co-founder & Managing Partner. For over 25 years Arik has been founding, growing and financing innovative technology companies. He co-founded Glilot Capital and supported the five portfolio companies acquired. Arik entered the Venture Capital world during the 90’s at Jerusalem Global Ventures and Bank Tefachot Provident Funds, an Israeli institutional investor, Between 2002-2010 in the US, he served in financial and operational executive roles in three Israeli innovative technology companies with US Based HQ, dealing directly with the growth challenges of Israeli startups operating in the US and other global markets. These included: ECtel (acquisition by Verint), VideoCodes (acquired by Thomson) and Intercure (IPO). Arik served as an Officer and Engineer in an Elite IDF technology unit and he holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering & Management from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA in Finance & Technology Management from Tel Aviv University’s Kellogg-Recanati School of Management. Arik is a board member of IATI (Israel Advanced Technology Industries) and of the Technion Friends Society.

Board Observers

Kobi Sambursky

Glilot Capital Partners Co-founder & Managing Partner Kobi, a serial entrepreneur at heart with over twenty-five years of experience in technology and investment, co-founded Glilot Capital Partners in 2011, with five exits and a strong portfolio. He previously founded and successfully exited technology companies including Lamda Communication Networks (acquired by NICE Systems) and iWeb Technologies (acquired by a Japanese consortium) and was a member of the founding team of Infogear Technologies, the creator of the original iPhone (acquired by Cisco). Kobi served as an Officer in an Elite IDF technology unit. He holds a B.Sc. (Cum Laude) in Computer Science from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA (Magna Cum Laude) in Finance & Technology from Tel Aviv University.

Michael Granoff

Maniv Mobility, President. Michael founded Maniv Investments in 1997. He is a founding board member of Securing America’s Future Energy, a Washington, DC-based group that brings together corporate and military leaders to craft and advocate for energy security policy. He has been active in several presidential campaigns and political organizations as well as a number of non-profit organizations. In 2010, Michael was awarded the Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship by the International School of Business at Brandeis University. He holds a BA from Tufts University, an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, as well as a JD from Northwestern School of law.


Charles River Ventures

Maniv Mobility

Glilot Capital Partners