Visit our booth at CES 2019 Las Vegas

[Events | Dec 4, 2019]
Upstream's team to attend CES Las Vegas 2019. Schedule a meeting. Booth #MR533 Westgate

John Bolton will be speaking at Connected Fleets USA conference

[News | Nov 1, 2018] John Bolton, Upstream's Director of Market Development - North America, will be speaking at Connected Fleets USA conference

Upstream is part of the Israeli Innovation Center at the Peres Peace House in Jaffa

[News | Nov 1, 2018] The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation is officially open and Upstream is one of the innovative companies that were chosen to exhibit ...

With benefits — and risks — software updates are coming to the car

[News | Oct, 29, 2018] An article by Digital Trends, interviewing Upstream, on automotive software updates and cybersecurity, written by John Quain

Israeli Tech Firm Prepares to Fight 'Rising Number' of Wireless Car Hackings

[News, October 25, 2018] An article on Upstream by Stephen Edelstein, The Drive

Distraction and Risk. An article on Upstream by Gary S. Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production

[News | Oct 17, 2018] Upstream C4 is based on big data analytics that detects anomalies such as attempts to hack into the vehicle.

30 Best Small Companies To Watch 2018

[News | October 12, 2018] Upstream was chosen by the Silicon Review as one of the 30 best small companies to watch in 2018. Cybersecurity designed for the connected car ...

Startup Upstream Looks at Data Flows to Secure Connected Cars

[News | October 10, 2018] An Article on Upstream by Stephen Lawson. TU Automotive.

How To Protect Connected Cars From Hackers

[News | Oct 6, 2018] Auto Futures interview with Yoav Levy, Upstream's CEO

Speaking at Autonomous Tech Tel-Aviv

[News | Oct 2, 2018] Hear our CEO, Yoav Levy, discuss connected car cybersecurity at Autonomous Tech Tel-Aviv, October 31, 2018

Speaking at Western Automotive Journalists (WAJ) event

[News | Sept 25, 2018] Hear our VP of Product, Dan Sahar, discuss connected car cybersecurity at SV Reinvents the Wheel, Computer History Museum Mountain View, Oct 1st 2018.

Hack Attacks – Connected Vehicle Cyber Security Lags

[News | Sept 11, 2018] An article about connected vehicle cyber risks on AutoInformed by Ken Zino featuring Usptream Security

Yoav Levy will be speaking at INNOVATECH 2018 event Paris

[News | August 28, 2018] Yoav Levy, Upstream Security CEO, is going to be speaking at the INNOVATECH 2018 event as part of the mondial paris motor show about ...

How to Secure Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

[News | August, 17, 2018] Upstream Security cited in How To Secure Connected And Autonomous Vehicles, an August 2018 Forrester report

Cybersecurity goes Upstream for Automotive

[News | August 13, 2018] Upstream interview in SAE International Autonomous Vehicle Engineering. August issue

Upstream devoted to truck cybersecurity threats

[News | August 8, 2018] An article about Upstream Security by Matthew Borst, SAE International

Jeff Gilbert's podcast, Tales From The Auto Beat

[News | August 7, 2018] We were hosted by Jeff Gilbert's podcast, Tales From The Auto Beat. This is a special "podcast version" of a special program that ...

Visit our booth at Automotive World Nagoya 2018

[Events | August 5, 2018]
Upstream's team to attend Automotive World Nagoya. Schedule a meeting. 

Resource Leaders: Cybersecurity for connected cars

[News | August 2, 2018] "Upstream Security… is taking a different approach by installing security in the cloud"

Autonocast podcast interview with Upstream Security

[News | July 17, 2018] Autonocast podcast interview with Upstream Security's Yoav Levy and Dan Sahar, Recorded in Tel Aviv during Mobility Week.

Car and Driver Magazine- Automakers Are Swimming Upstream against Cyberthreats

[News | June 15, 2018] Car and Driver Magazine, Automakers Are Swimming Upstream against Cyberthreats. “Upstream’s engineers were the first to solve how to protect connected cars ...

Why you should keep your car keys in a metal coffee can

[News, May 31, 2018] Upstream's VP of Products, interviewed by the Detroit Free Press explaining the risk of cyberattacks on connected vehicles

Upstream to participate in Microsoft's BlueHat Nights on automotive cyber security. June 4, 2018, Tel-Aviv

[Events | May 25, 2018] If you want to show off your hacking skills, take a shot at some of our real-life hacking challenges, including remote car hacking.

Cybersecurity 500 List, 2018 Edition

[News | May 17, 2018] Upstream Security is being included in Cybersecurity Ventures list of the world’s hottest and most innovative cyber security companies to watch in 2018

Upstream Security and Asgent Enter into Strategic Partnership

[News | May 8, 2018] Upstream Security and Asgent Enter into Strategic Partnership to Expand the Connected Car Cybersecurity Market in Japan

New-Tech 2018

[Events | May 8] Our CEO Yoav Levy will be speaking at Automotive Technology Conference which will be held in Tel Aviv on May 30, 2018.

Visit our booth at TU-Automotive Detroit

[Events | May 7, 2018]
Upstream's team to attend TU-Automotive Detroit. Schedule a meeting. Booth B127


[News | May 3, 2018] A profile article about Upstream, written by Hugh Taylor, Journal of Cyber Policy

Visit our booth at Ecomotion Tel Aviv 2018

[Events | April 29, 2018]
Upstream's team to attend EcoMotion TLV, Tel Aviv, Israel. Schedule a meeting. Booth#35

TechCrunch TLV 2018

[Events | April 29] Yoav Levy, Upstream Security's CEO, will be presenting at TLV TechCrunch - come to learn about automotive cybersecurity. June 7, 2018.

Upstream Security Expands Executive Management Team

[News | March 28, 2018]
Upstream Security Expands Executive Management Team to Meet Unprecedented Demand from OEMs and Fleets. Appoints Dan Sahar as VP of Product and ...


[Events | March 6, 2018]
Upstream's team to attend RSA 2018, San Francisco. Schedule a meeting.

Visit our booth at Cybertech Tel Aviv 2018

[Events | Jan 18, 2018]
Upstream's team to attend Cybertech, Tel Aviv, Israel. Schedule a meeting.

Connected car security outfit Upstream Security snags $9 million in funding

[News | Dec 14, 2017] Upstream Security has secured $9 million in a Series A funding round and plans to use the investment to expand further in the US ...

Upstream Security reels in $9M Series A to protect connected cars

[News | Dec 13, 2017]
We are thrilled to announce that we’ve raised a series A round of $9 million, which will contribute to our R&D ...

Upstream Security Revs Up Cloud-Based Cybersecurity for Connected and Autonomous Car Fleets with $9M Series A

[News | Dec 13, 2017]
CRV Joins Existing Investors to Accelerate Company’s Expansion in the U.S. and Europe as Market for Connected Vehicles and Automotive ...

Dark Reading: Upstream Security Secures $9 Million Series A Funding Round

Upstream Security, 9백만 달러 시리즈 A 투자 유치로 인터넷 연결 차량 및 자율주행 차량의 클라우드 기반 사이버보안 기술 혁신 주도

[News | Dec 12, 2017]


[News | Dec 12, 2017]


[News | Dec 12, 2017]

PE Hub: Upstream Security pulls in $9 mln Series A

[News | Dec 12, 2017]

SiliconANGLE: Upstream Security raises $9M to keep hackers out of your car

[News | Dec 12, 2017]

The Iron Dome of the automotive industry

[News | Nov 1, 2017]
The Israeli start-up Upstream Security is developing an innovative technology to protect connected and autonomous car fleets: a cloud-based security solution to ...

Upstream Security Shifts the Security of Connected & Autonomous Cars to the Cloud

[News | July 17, 2017]
To learn more about their innovative solution, Superbcrew sat down with Yoav Levy, Co-Founder and CEO of Upstream Security.

Car cyber security co Upstream Security raises $2m

[News | June 26, 2017]
 The Israeli company leverages advanced cloud technologies, big data, and machine learning to provide OEMs and large fleets with non-intrusive defense.

Upstream Security Raises $2M to Protect Connected and Autonomous Fleets

[News | June 26, 2017]
An innovative cyber-security cloud-based platform joins the portfolios of Glilot Capital Partners and Maniv Mobility.