Complex Automotive Software: What’s Your Strategy?

[News | September 3, 2020] The cloud-based SaaS cybersecurity platform can be used without in-car cybersecurity software client for vehicle fleets. Upstream Security is one of the leading ...

Daily Drive Podcast: The industry's 'massive' effort to combat cyber threats

[News | August 21, 2020] Automotive News hosted Upstream's VP Product, Dan Sahar, in a podcast about how COVID-19 is impacting and reshaping the automotive industry.

Recognizing and reducing the impact of auto cyberattacks

[News | August 5, 2020] In this FreightWaves article, Dan Sahar, Upstream’s VP Product discusses how to recognize and reduce the impact of automotive cyberattacks.

Top 25 Auto Cybersecurity Hacks: Too Many Glass Houses To Be Throwing Stones

[News | June 30, 2020] According to Upstream’s latest report, there was a 99% increase in cybersecurity incidents (150) in 2019 with a year-over-year 94% increase since 2016.

Protecting Fleet Data from Security Threats

[News | May 26, 2020] Big data is revolutionizing fleet management — specifically in the form of telematics.

Partners in Cybersecurity: Alliance Innovation Lab Tel Aviv and Upstream Security successfully collaborate to secure connected cars.

[News | May 25, 2020] Over the past year, Alliance Innovation Lab Tel Aviv worked together with Upstream Security to design a cybersecurity solution for connected cars within ...

Cybersecurity Expert: Many Fleets Are Unprotected Against a Massive, Calamitous Hack

[News | May 20, 2020] "Think of a FedEx or UPS or Amazon on Christmas Eve, not being able to make deliveries." That's the danger of cyberattacks against ...

Emerging Startups 2020: Top Autonomous Vehicles

[News | May 6, 2020] Check us out on this list of the ‘Top Autonomous Vehicles Startups 2020’ – a curated list of the most promising startups leading the autonomous ...

Upstream nominated for “Best Cybersecurity Product of the Year”

[News | March 25, 2020] Upstream is proud to be shortlisted for TU Automotive’s 2020 “Best Cybersecurity Product of the Year” which recognizes “an outstanding cybersecurity technology product”.

Upstream Security: 2020 Global Automotive Cyber security Report

[News | January 21, 2020] ScienceDirect, an online platform with top scientific, technical, and medical research analyzes and comments on Upstream's 2020 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report.

Fujitsu and Upstream Security Partner for Vehicle Security

[News | January 16, 2020] Partnership to improve vehicle cybersecurity life-cycle management by leveraging both companies’ technologies and expertise.

Israeli mobility startups take the wheel at CES 2020

[News | January 14, 2020] Article highlights Upstream in its overview of world-class Israeli startups participating in CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

Live Hack Highlights Auto Industry’s Connectivity-Based Achilles’ Heel

[News | January 13, 2020] Ward Intelligence, a firm dedicated to providing business intelligence about the automotive industry details Upstream's live CES car-hack demonstration.

Top 10 Israeli Startups to Watch in 2020

[News | January 12, 2020] Noteworthy Journal highlights Upstream as one of the Top 10 Israeli startups to watch in 2020.

CES 2020: Touring the Autonomous, Electric, Connected Cars

[News | January 10, 2020] CarTalk blog and show highlights Upstream in its overview of autonomous, electric, and connected car companies at CES 2020.

Startups, Automakers Advance Autonomous Tech, Electric Cars And Future Mobility At CES 2020

[News | January 10, 2020] Seeking Alpha, the world’s largest investing community, writes about Upstream and highlights Upstream's CES 2020 car-hack demonstration.

Connected cars moving targets for hackers

[News | January 10, 2020] ABS-CBN, the Philippines' leading media organization mentions Upstream Security in a report on the danger of cyber-attacks against connected cars.

Car Chronicles - Car hacking

[News | January 8, 2020] CBS Detroit's "Car Chronicles" radio show discusses Upstream's CES car-hack demonstration live from Las Vegas.

Riset: 82% Insiden Cybersecurity Kendaraan Dilakukan Remote

[News | January 6, 2020], an Indonesian website dedicated to reporting on various worldwide cyber-threats, highlights Upstream's 2020 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report and quotes Upsteam's VP Marketing, ...

Upstream's VP Product, Dan Sahar, talks about automotive cybersecurity

[News | January 8, 2020] Automotive News hosted Upstream's VP Product, Dan Sahar, in a podcast about automotive cybersecurity

Car Hacking Hits the Streets

[News | January 7, 2020] An article by Dark Reading, focusing our 2020 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report.

Automotive cybersecurity incidents doubled in 2019, up 605% since 2016

[News | January 6, 2020] Help Net Security presents insights from Upstream's 2020 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report.

Industry 4.0 in automotive. Digitizing the end-to-end automotive value chain.

[News | January 3, 2020] Deloitte Insights' "Industry 4.0 in automotive" report includes (on page 17) an article by Upstream Security on "Using automotive data for prediction, monitoring, detection, and ...

Thefts and Break-Ins Contribute to 31 Percent Automotive Cyber-Attacks

[News | December 24, 2019] In this article, CISO MAG presents highlights from Upstream's 2020 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report.

New study shows just how bad vehicle hacking has gotten

[News | December 18, 2019] An article by Road Show presents and discusses critical insights from Upstream's 2020 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report

Auto hacking raises concerns

[News | December 19, 2019] Warrior Trading News Discusses Upstream's 2020 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report.

Upstream Security Releases 2020 Automotive Cybersecurity Report and Announces First Automotive Threat Intelligence Service

[News | December 18, 2019] Report reveals automotive-related cybersecurity incidents doubled in 2019

Hyundai AutoEver enjoys boon from higher IT service demand from affiliates

[News | November 4, 2019] Hyundai AutoEver formed a partnership with Hyundai Motor and Upstream Security, a cloud-based cybersecurity platform for connected cars.

Cybersecurity Start-Up Upstream Lands Key OEM Backers

[News | October 21, 2019] Drawing investment from several automakers is considered a big win for the Israeli firm, which is tackling vehicle cybersecurity through the cloud.

Nationwide invests in Israeli cybersecurity firm

[News | October 22, 2019] Nationwide is backing a startup that's aiming to keep increasingly connected cars safe.

Renault, Volvo, Hyundai invest in cybersecurity startup

[News | October 21, 2019] Upstream Security, a cybersecurity startup specializing in connected vehicles, closed a $30 million Series B funding round, the company announced today.

Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in cybersecurity

[News | October 21, 2019] Volvo Group Venture Capital AB has invested in Upstream Security, a leading Israeli automotive cybersecurity company.

Renault Leads $30M Investment In Israeli Automotive Cyber Startup Upstream Security

[News | October 21, 2019] Upstream Security, an Israeli startup focused on cybersecurity for connected vehicles, announced on Tuesday the closure of a $30 million Series B investment round

Israel’s Upstream wins funding to expand in automotive cybersecurity

[News | October 21, 2019] Upstream Security has secured $30 million funding from a wide range of global automakers and venture capital firms

Cybersecurity firm attracts OEM funding

[News | October 21, 2019] An article by Automotive News about Upstream's Series B Funding Round

Volvo Group invests in Israeli automotive cybersecurity startup

[News | October 21, 2019] Volvo Group Venture Capital has invested in Upstream Security, a leading Israeli automotive cybersecurity company.

Upstream Security raises $30 million to protect connected cars from cyberattacks

[News | October 21, 2019] Upstream Security, a cloud-based cybersecurity platform for connected cars, has raised $30 million in a Series B round of funding

Israel's Upstream wins funding to expand in automotive cybersecurity

[News | October 21, 2019] An article by Reuters about Upstream's $30M Series B Funding Round from a wide range of global automakers and venture capital firms.

Upstream Security Closes $30 Million Series B Investment from Renault, Volvo Group, Hyundai, Nationwide

[News | October 21, 2019] Global Syndicate – including Renault Venture Capital, Volvo Group, Hyundai, Nationwide Insurance and others – invests to protect connected vehicles from escalating cyber threats.

The Hottest Privately Held Security Companies in Israel - JMP

[News | September, 12] JMP Group's first annual Cybersecurity in Israel report, highlighting the most interesting and strategically positioned private cybersecurity companies in Israel.

Israel's 10 Hottest Startups in 2019, According to WIRED Magazine

[News | August 21, 2019] An article by NoCamels, Israeli Innovation News, mentioning Upstream Security as one of Israel's 10 'Hottest' Startups in 2019, according to WIRED Magazine

Upstream Is Featured in the Top 100 European Startups 2019 (And the Top 10 in Tel Aviv) - Wired Magazine

[News | August 21, 2019] Upstream is proud to be chosen by Wired Magazine as one of the Top 100 European Startups for 2019 (and the Top 10 in Tel Aviv)

Why Connected Cars Can Be Killing Machines and How to Turn Them Off

[News | July 31, 2019] A comprehensive report by Consumer Watchdog, using significant research from Upstream's 2019 Research Report and Smart Mobility Cyber Attacks Repository

Upstream Security Speaking on Innovation Israel - ILTV

[News | July 31, 2019] Watch a video of Upstream speaking on ILTV, discussing how our cloud-based automotive security solution is contributing to the booming Israeli cyber tech ...

Renault and Nissan Open the New Alliance Innovation Lab Tel Aviv

[News | June 10, 2019] An article mentioning how the Alliance is currently testing and working on over ten joint prototyping projects with Israeli startups inclusive of Upstream ...

Car Hacking Threatens Vision of Connected Mobility

[News | June 2, 2019] An article written by Jane bird from Financial Times about the risks posed to connected vehicles, with data and insights from our Autothreat ...

Connectivity and Its Challenges Go Way Back

[News | June 2, 2019] An article written by Leslie J. Allen from Automotive News focusing on how OBD technology has a fairly long history with specific challenges

Kudos to Upstream for Publishing Research on Automotive Cyber Vulnerabilities

[News | May 23, 2019] An article written by Hugh Taylor from The Journal of Cyber Policy, recognizing Upstream's Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report as the first-of-its-kind

An Israeli Cybersecurity Solution for Autonomous and Connected Cars

[News | May 17, 2019] An article written by Nachshon Ben from Behold Israel, mentioning Upstream as a predominant leader in the crucial and growing market of cybersecurity ...

Top 5 out of 300 Connected Car Startups in Automotive

[News | May 6, 2019] An article by Startus Insights, mentioning Upstream as one of the top 5 connected car startups worldwide in the automotive space.

Safety and Security: An Inextricable Link in Semiconductors

[News | April 24, 2019] An article in UltraSoC using insights from Upstream's Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report to shed light on issues facing the semiconductor industry

Autonomous Vehicle Technology - Connecting the Future of Mobility and the Built Environment

[News | April 14, 2019] An article in Autonomous Vehicle Technology Magazine focusing on key insights from Upstream's Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report

Just One Cyber Hack Can Cost an Automaker $1.1 Billion

[News | March 28, 2019] An article by Upstream's VP Products, Dan Sahar, addressing the troubling stories concerning automotive cybersecurity issues, concerns and risks today and in the ...

Upstream's Live Interview on CGTN at the RSA Conference 2019

[News | March 17, 2019] Upstream's VP Products, Dan Sahar speaks about the exponential increase in automotive cyber risks on China Global Television Network

Locking More Than the Doors as Cars Become Computers on Wheels

[News | March 7, 2019] An article by Jim Motavalli at The New York Times, speaking about the current security landscape in automotive, with insights from Upstream Security

Meet the Top Israeli Startups Protecting Cars From Cyber Attacks

[News | February 26, 2019] An article by Noam Goldberg from No Camels, mentioning Upstream as a top Israeli company using innovative solutions to meet this challenge

Upstream's C4 Platform Is Announced as a Gold Winner for the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2019

[News | February 24, 2019] Upstream's C4 (Centralized Connected Car Cybersecurity) Platform has been announced as a gold winner in the Automotive Cybersecurity category

Upstream Offers Cyber-Security Solution

[News | January 31, 2019] An article by Saba Khan from Autosphere, Fleet Digest in Canada, writes about key insights from our Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report and the ...

High-Tech's Israeli Military Connection

[News | January 19, 2019] An article by Automotive News Europe, discussing Dan Sahar's, Upstream's VP Product, take on the link between high-tech and the Israeli military

Head of Marketing, Oded Yarkoni Is Nominated for Cybersecurity Marketer of the Year Awards

[News | February 12, 2019] The Cybersecurity Go To Market Dojo, announces the nominees for its 2019 Marketer of the Year awards, including Upstream Security's Head of Marketing

Upstream Security Named Winner in the 15th Annual Info Security PG's 2019 Global Excellence Awards®

[News | February 5, 2019] We are proud to announce our selection as Gold Vendor and Global Excellence Recipient in Automotive Security (IoT) for 2019.

Thousands of Cars in UK Vulnerable to Security Breach: Report

[News | February 4, 2019] An article by CISOMAG, discussing key insights from Upstream Security's Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2019

How Will the Israeli Autotech Become a Leader?

[News | February 4, 2019] An article by Itai Green, Times of Israel, on the uniqueness of Upstream Security's product

Press Release: Upstream Security and Arilou Partner to Build ‘End to End’ Cybersecurity for Smart Mobility

[News | January 3, 2019] Securing the vehicle from within and from the cloud

Press Release: Upstream Security Announces Secured Mobility Partner Program

[News | January 2, 2019] Upstream Security announces Secured Mobility Partner Program offering Car OEMs and smart mobility providers comprehensive and Integrated cybersecurity protection

Cyber Hacks Could Cost Auto Industry Billions

[News | December 17, 2018] An article by FenderBender on Upstream's automotive cybersecurity report

2018: A Pivotal Year for Black Hat Cyber Attacks on Connected Cars

[News | December 17, 2018] An article by TU-Automotive analyst, Steve Bell, on Upstream's Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2019

Your High-Tech Car is a Magnet for Hacking

[News | December 17, 2018] An article written by Stefan Nicola from Bloomberg on the Upstream Security Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2019

Press Release: Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2019

[News | December 17, 2018] Upstream Security launches a first-of-its-kind ‘Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2019’, covering more than 170 real-life reported automotive cyber incidents.

Upstream is Part of the Israeli Innovation Center at the Peres Peace House in Jaffa

[News | Nov 1, 2018] The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation is officially open and Upstream is one of the innovative companies that were chosen to exhibit ...

With Benefits — and Risks — Software Updates Are Coming to the Car

[News | Oct, 29, 2018] An article by Digital Trends, interviewing Upstream, on automotive software updates and cybersecurity, written by John Quain

Israeli Tech Firm Prepares to Fight 'Rising Number' of Wireless Car Hackings

[News, October 25, 2018] An article on Upstream by Stephen Edelstein, The Drive

Distraction and Risk. An Article on Upstream by Gary S. Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production

[News | Oct 17, 2018] Upstream C4 is based on big data analytics that detects anomalies such as attempts to hack into the vehicle.

30 Best Small Companies to Watch 2018

[News | October 12, 2018] Upstream was chosen by the Silicon Review as one of the 30 best small companies to watch in 2018. Cybersecurity designed for the connected car ...

Startup Upstream Looks at Data Flows to Secure Connected Cars

[News | October 10, 2018] An Article on Upstream by Stephen Lawson. TU Automotive.

How to Protect Connected Cars From Hackers

[News | Oct 6, 2018] Auto Futures interview with Yoav Levy, Upstream's CEO

Speaking at Western Automotive Journalists (WAJ) Event

[News | Sept 25, 2018] Hear our VP of Product, Dan Sahar, discuss connected car cybersecurity at SV Reinvents the Wheel, Computer History Museum Mountain View, Oct 1st 2018.

Hack Attacks – Connected Vehicle Cyber Security Lags

[News | Sept 11, 2018] An article about connected vehicle cyber risks on AutoInformed by Ken Zino featuring Usptream Security

How to Secure Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

[News | August, 17, 2018] Upstream Security cited in How To Secure Connected And Autonomous Vehicles, an August 2018 Forrester report

Cybersecurity Goes Upstream for Automotive

[News | August 13, 2018] Upstream interview in SAE International Autonomous Vehicle Engineering. August issue

Upstream Devoted to Truck Cybersecurity Threats

[News | August 8, 2018] An article about Upstream Security by Matthew Borst, SAE International

Jeff Gilbert's Podcast, Tales From the Auto Beat

[News | August 7, 2018] We were hosted by Jeff Gilbert's podcast, Tales From The Auto Beat. This is a special "podcast version" of a special program that ...

Resource Leaders: Cybersecurity for Connected Cars

[News | August 2, 2018] "Upstream Security… is taking a different approach by installing security in the cloud"

Autonocast Podcast Interview with Upstream Security

[News | July 17, 2018] Autonocast podcast interview with Upstream Security's Yoav Levy and Dan Sahar, recorded in Tel Aviv during Mobility Week.

Car and Driver Magazine- Automakers are Swimming Upstream Against Cyberthreats

[News | June 15, 2018] “Upstream’s engineers were the first to solve how to protect connected cars and autonomous vehicles using the cloud, crucial for near-term and ...

Why You Should Keep Your Car Keys in a Metal Coffee Can

[News, May 31, 2018] Upstream's VP of Products, interviewed by the Detroit Free Press explaining the risk of cyberattacks on connected vehicles

Cybersecurity 500 List, 2018 Edition

[News | May 17, 2018] Upstream Security is included in the Cybersecurity Ventures list of the world’s hottest and most innovative cyber security companies to watch in 2018

Upstream Security and Asgent Enter into Strategic Partnership

[News | May 8, 2018] Upstream Security and Asgent enter into a strategic partnership to expand the connected car cybersecurity market in Japan


[News | May 3, 2018] A profile article about Upstream, written by Hugh Taylor, Journal of Cyber Policy

Upstream Security Expands Executive Management Team

[News | March 28, 2018]
Upstream Security expands Executive Management team to meet unprecedented demand from OEMs and fleets. Dan Sahar as VP of Product and Jeff ...

Connected Car Security Outfit Upstream Security Snags $9 Million in Funding

[News | Dec 14, 2017] Upstream Security has secured $9 million in a Series A funding round and plans to use the investment to expand further in the US ...

Upstream Security Reels in $9M Series A to Protect Connected Cars

[News | Dec 13, 2017] We are thrilled to announce that we’ve raised a series A round of $9 million, which will contribute to our R&D and ...

Upstream Security Revs Up Cloud-Based Cybersecurity for Connected and Autonomous Car Fleets with $9M Series A

[News | Dec 13, 2017] CRV joins existing investors to accelerate company’s expansion in the U.S. and Europe as market for connected vehicles and automotive cybersecurity ...

Dark Reading: Upstream Security Secures $9 Million Series A Funding Round

[News | December 13, 2017] An article by Dark Reading about Upstream's $9 Million Series A Funding Round

Upstream Security, 9백만 달러 시리즈 A 투자 유치로 인터넷 연결 차량 및 자율주행 차량의 클라우드 기반 사이버보안 기술 혁신 주도

[News | Dec 13, 2017] An article by GlobeNewswire focusing on Upstream's investment into the automotive cybersecurity domain


[News | Dec 12, 2017]

SiliconANGLE: Upstream Security Raises $9M to Keep Hackers Out of Your Car

[News | Dec 12, 2017] An article by Maria Deutscher from SiliconANGLE on how Upstream raises $9M to keep hackers out of your car

The Iron Dome of the Automotive Industry

[News | Nov 1, 2017] The Israeli start-up Upstream Security is developing an innovative technology to protect connected and autonomous car fleets: a cloud-based security solution to block ...

Upstream Security Shifts the Security of Connected & Autonomous Cars to the Cloud

[News | July 17, 2017] To learn more about our innovative solution, Superbcrew sat down with Yoav Levy, Co-Founder and CEO of Upstream Security.

Car Cyber Security Co Upstream Security Raises $2m

[News | June 26, 2017] The Israeli company leverages advanced cloud technologies, big data, and machine learning to provide OEMs and large fleets with non-intrusive defense.

Upstream Security Raises $2M to Protect Connected and Autonomous Fleets

[Press Release, June 26, 2017] An innovative cyber-security cloud-based platform joins the portfolios of Glilot Capital Partners and Maniv Mobility.