Automotive Cybersecurity for Any Fleet

Automotive Cybersecurity

Vehicle. Fleet. Data Center.

Upstream’s real-time Automotive Cybersecurity solution for vehicles and fleets offers protection from cyber-threats, including:

  • Fleet-wide hacking
  • Individual vehicle cyber-attacks
  • Data center breaches
  • Denial of Service attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Theft of vehicle’s intellectual property

The individual two-way communications between each connected vehicle in the fleet and the server are precisely what makes connected fleets vulnerable to cyber attacks. The only effective way to ensure protection of the data in these communications is by applying security at the data center – the demarcation point between the operational network (OT) and information network (IT). 

Upstream’s Automotive Cybersecurity solution sits in this demarcation point, offering a powerful combination of IPS/IDS (Intrusion Prevention System/Intrusion Detection System) for automotive protocols coupled with machine learning algorithms tuned for fleet and driver behaviors. The result is the first purpose built security solution capable of detecting, interpreting and alerting of any threats to the fleet.

Connected fleets face two types of company policy infringement: misuse and fraud. Upstream’s solution enables the detection of fleet policy violations, such as:

  • Fraud (identity theft, fake identities, etc.)
  • Misuse (for example: a driver violating fleet guidelines)
  • Sensitive data leakage

In the case of misuse, drivers commit actions that deviated from defined company policy. These actions range from driving on harmful, inappropriate terrain to using vehicles for purposes forbidden in company guidelines such as offering for-pay services in a rental car. In the case of fraud, fleets face the threat of fake identities and and identity theft such as identity theft in car sharing fleets by stealing mobile app credentials. Misuse and fraud pose significant threats to fleet drivers’ safety and bear financial and reputational costs. These individual incidents are extremely fragmented and difficult to aggregate, analyze and manage.

Upstream’s fleet policy enforcement solution is the only one of its kind to piece together all pieces of information in composing the complete picture. Upstream collects all two-way communication between fleet vehicles and the data center, including vehicle telematics and mobile app communication. Applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Upstream enriches the data, analyzes and contextualizes all individual interactions.The correlation of data from multiple sources results in the ability to create diverse deliverables such as  driver profiles. Once typical behavior patterns can be characterized, diversion from them can be identified as suspected fraud. 


Fraud. Misuse. Violations.

Vehicle & Fleet Insights

Visibility. Behavioral Profiles. Analytics.

Upstream Insights offers fleet-wide visibility by means of analytics tools providing actionable insights

  • Customized reports
  • Identifying trends
  • Vehicle and driver behavior profiling and scoring
  • Tools for improving prediction
  • Event investigation tools

Connected vehicles generate data from many different vehicle sensors, resulting in troves of information. Buried within this information are valuable performance indicators, such as driver and vehicle behavior, vehicle utilization, maintenance, driving routes and much more. Fleet stakeholders could benefit from uncovering these valuable insights into fleet health, discover meaningful connections, trends and patterns which could improve driver experience as well as vehicle and fleet quality and reliability. Leveraging this data that is already being collected and stored, could serve in building competitive advantages and creating new revenue streams.

With Upstream’s Automotive Cybersecurity platform, fleets benefit from discovering the golden nuggets of data hidden within their collected information, gaining visibility of fleet health and analytics tools, revealing key insights and ultimately improving company performance. With Upstream, fleets can easily investigate incidents and uncover root causes, as well as discovering blind spots and problematic areas of which they were not aware.