Automotive Cybersecurity for the Connected Car Era

Protecting Your Fleet and Everything In It

Vehicles, data center, mobile apps and drivers

Upstream understands the threats and challenges faced daily by connected automotive fleets. That’s why we created the first purpose built Automotive Cybersecurity platform addressing the unique data security and policy needs of vehicle fleets.


Comprehensive incident reports for understanding the details, current status and context of the vehicles in play. Drill-down into the sequence of events before and after the incidents in order to identify root causes and resolutions.


The system can be tailored to define what constitutes a violation of company policy and which actions and workflows need to be initiated.

Under the Hood

Powerful Security and Analytics Engines

Protocol Security

Detects automotive threats within vehicle-server and server-vehicle communications

Transactional Analytics

Detects automotive communication patterns and sequence anomalies between vehicle-server and mobile app

Contextual Security

Detects anomalies within the current status and context of the vehicle

Behavioral Security

Detects anomalies in driver, vehicle and fleet behavior

Integrating Upstream into your Operational and IT environment

Supercharging the Data You’re Already Collecting

Upstream feeds off of your existing fleet communication channels - vehicle to their data center or data center to vehicle, as well as any other type of applications server communications such as mobile apps. Integration is 100% non-intrusive, with no need for any hardware installation in the vehicles themselves.

Upstream Automotive Cybersecurity uses machine learning in order to create patent pending fleet, vehicle and driver profiles which power our fleet-wide cybersecurity solution. This innovative analysis system alerts fleets in real-time in cases of fraud or misuse and is continuously tracking fleet-wide incidents and anomalies.